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Healing from Within

The mission of Wild Hearts Medicine Society is to enrich the modern world with the wisdom of our ancestors. We do this through our online classes, live events, sacred travel all aimed at helping people bridge the gap between the spiritual and the mundane. Book an appointment with me today through my booking form ...

Ancient Wisdom

The Society is home to the spiritual teachings of don Zane Curfman, and my focus is on providing quality instruction in traditional medicine ways, while celebrating the cultures from which they came from.

"I began my spiritual journey many years ago, and I've found over the years that a focus on, relaxation, and ...


Online Courses

Online Courses

The Jumpstart

An Amazing program of Spiritual Development that …

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Spiritual Work

Spiritual Work

Readings and consultations

Spiritual investigations into issues in your life and how to resolve them.
$60 for 20 min call or $120 for an hour call.

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Spiritual Healing

Spiritual healings could include clearings, cord-cutting, entity removal, soul retrieval and soul path work.

$120 for a 60-90min session.

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Spiritual work

Spiritual work done for protection, luck, love, money, court cases, etc. This is custom work based on your needs, prices vary. All work …

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Latest Posts

Latest Posts

All life-affirming, earth-honoring indigenous spiritual traditions are emanations of the multifaceted Creatrix. Each tradition …

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