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To the Wild Hearts Medicine Society also known as the Salka Munay Ayllu. Home to the spiritual teachings and the work of Zane Curfman.

about us

The Mission of the society is to enrich the modern world with the wisdom of our ancestors. Our goal is to share traditional spirituality, folk medicine ways and earth honoring ceremonies. We do this through our Art of Spiritual Healing Apprenticeship Program, Special initiations, sacred travel and general programs and classes aimed at helping people bridge the gap between the spiritual and the mundane.  

About Zane

don Zane Curfman is A Sansista an Initiated Priest of the Afro/Caribean tradition of Sanse.
He is also a Priest and Curandero, “healer” of several Indigenous spiritual traditions of the Peruvian and Bolivian Andes.  

He is the author of the book Inka Mountain Magic which give a basic understanding of the Peruvian Paqo Kuna tradition. He has also written articles on Peruvian medicine ways  for several magazines. He has been interviewed on radio shows 

In 2009 Zane was invited to Visit the Q’ero Nation of Peru. While he was there he was made part of the Q’ero village of Qiqo and adopted by the family of donna Maria Soclie and don Husto Apaza. Zane was asked to be the Godfather of their youngest daughter. 

All life affirming, earth honoring indigenous spiritual traditions are emanations of the multifaceted Creatrix. Each tradition is perfectly suited for the region in which they were developed. 

As we move from regional and cultural boundaries into a global community, these indigenous traditions hold the keys to humanity’s future unfolding.  These keys are not found by focusing on our similarities but by honoring and celebrating how we are different! 

don Zane

Our focus

Is on providing quality instruction in traditional medicine ways, while celebrating the cultures from which they came.

Art of Spiritual Healing

A 9 month Apprenticeship in the indigenous spiritual traditions of the Andes. Ten percent of all proceeds from the program go to directly to help the Indigenous people of Peru.

Initiation into Sanse

Initiation and training in the Afro/Caribbean tradition of Sanse. A path that allows us to break the chains of the past and continue our spiritual progress.

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Upcoming events

The Breath of Life

A 6 week intensive in spiritual development, facilitated through the sacred art breathing. 

Starting 2/16/2021  More Info

Masters Program

A program in ceremonial mastery for graduates and alumni of the Art of Spiritual Healing Apprenticeship Program.

Art of spiritual healing

A 9 Month Cross-cultural Shamanic Apprenticeship in the Indigenous Spirituality and medicine ways of the Peruvian and Bolivian Andes.

Starting May 4th 2021


Shaman Secrets

An introduction to the medicine ways of the Andes and how to use this knowledge to enrich your life.