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Ancient Wisdom

Unlock the secrets of Katari tradition of Peruvian
cross-cultural shamanism with the revered don Zane Curfman. Our teachings are deeply rooted in the traditional medicine ways of the Peruvian and Bolivian Andes and offer modern applications of indigenous practices while celebrating
the diverse cultures they came from. Find balance, relaxation, and a happier, healthier life through our quality instruction. Begin your journey now.

"I began my spiritual journey many years ago, and I've found over the years that the missing key to personal developent is balance between the natural and spiritual dimensions this is the secret to a happy, fulfilled, and healthy life".

Healing From Within

The mission of Wild Hearts Medicine Society is to enrich the modern world with the wisdom of our ancestors. We do this through our online classes, live events, sacred travel all aimed at helping people bridge the gap between the spiritual and the mundane. Start your journey to become your best self.





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